2001 YZ125 Clutch Cover/Transmission help!!!

Alright guys, I decided to take the engine out of my 2001 yz125 to clean, inspect, and clean it up a bit.

Now the only thing i have had trouble with is reinstalling the clutch cover back on the engine. I havent removed anything in the transmission, just the clutch cover to check everything out.

What i cant seem to be able to do is get the push rod coming out from the center of the clutch lined up with the Push lever axle on the cover. I can easily get the cover back on with the gears making contact (i think) but the clutch was way to easy to pull with my finger (where the cable connects).

My questions to you guys are:

1. Would adding fluid make it harder to pull than it is right now w/out the fluid?

2. Is the push rod coming out from the center of the clutch supposed to be able to move around in circles easily? (seems loose)


I'm actually in the same situation. The center piece with grooves (push rod?) is loose, but I did get the grooves to mesh with the lever on the cover. It's still very easy to move, I'm going to mess with it some more and hook up the cable and lever. I have the same exact bike, so if you find out something or have any other questions let me know.

ok i just got done taking apart my engine also and yes that push rod should move freely but it just takes some time to get it to fit on the cover.

Yea, thankfully it wasnt something i did wrong, i just thought it was weird how that pin moved so freely......it did just take a little bit to get it hooked up right. Putting the clutch cable on though was pretty fun!

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