Good starter bike for a big guy...

I'd like to get some opinions from people that are more knowledgeable than me.

Thinking of getting a dirt bike in the near future. My budget is $2500 max and I'll be riding 50/50 mixture MX/trails, with no illusions of becoming the next Carmichel. I have plenty of streetbike/roadracing experience so riding in not a new game for me. I've ridden couple of the new 4 stroke and 2 stroke MX bikes but I have no real experience with them, unless playing in the parking lot for 5 minutes counts as that. The big hangup here {besides the budget} is my size. I'm 240lbs. so something like a 2s 125 doesn't really appeal to me. The older "open class" KTM/Husky's seem like pretty nice bikes, but the resale value on them makes me think there is a reason they're so cheap. I'd like a 4 stroke, but beggars can't be choosy.


For 2500 I'd look at a 250 2 stroke MX bike. Any 450 your going to get at the price is going to be fairly old. And being that old its a bit of a crap shoot as to how long it lasts before needing a top end rebuild, which are not easy and expensive on a 4 stroke (800 dollars). I would get a used 250 2 stroke (you can get a nicer bike for cheaper since the resell is low on them) and factor a new topend (couple hundred bucks) into your budget when buying the bike. They are easy to do on a 2 stroke if you have halfway decent wrenching abilities.

What open class KTM and Husky's are you talking about?

Im 240 and I ride a 1999 Cr250r. I think a 250 2 stroke would be perfect for you.

They are easy to maintian, and have plenty of power.

Look into like a 2000-2002 Yamaha or Honda.

Thanks guys.

Are there any "buyers guide" out there for 250 2 strokes?

I know some are easier to live with than others.

bikes like the KTM 495, XR 650, CR 500 are open class bikes, the above links are general trail bikes, theres nothing wrong with them for them to be cheap, they're simply old bikes, if you can fide a good condition KTM 360, 380, 300(two strokes), 520, 525(4 strokes) ect you'll have an excellent bike.

for a user friendly 250 MX bike, look into an 02-present YZ or an 01-present RM 250, in either case you'll need to get the suspention done for your weight since your a rather big guy.

if you consider yourself somone who is good with controlling your twist (coming off of street bikes i'd imagine so) and don't plan on being the fastest guy out there, a KX or CR 500 with a flywheel weight make excellent bikes, you can get an near immaculate condition 2000 500 two stroke for around 2 grand, they are dead reliable, they simply don't rev like the smaller bikes, nor do they need to so they last a longtime between rebuilds, for a casual rider i think they're one of the best options, the KX 500 has a better engine then the CR, but doesn't handle as well, the CR's engine has less bottom end due to not having a power valve (the KX does) but does handle better then the KX 500, but if you get the speed up will head shake like a wet dog due to having a shallow rake angel.

If i were you i'd spend the 2000-2500 and get a newer bike. I think a YZ250 with FMF gnarly pipe would be mint. The pipe gives it shit loads of low down grunt but doesn't sacrifice much top end.

From what i hear in the US you can get a pretty mint YZ or RM for your price range.

That husky is getting old, but it isn't a four stroke so could be just fine. Go check it out could be a good one. :thumbsup:

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