ttr50 cannot get spark

2007 ttr50 ridden three times since new. Put it away last year and got it out today and cannot get it started. I took the plug out and it doesn't seem to be getting spark...any ideas on what to check forst, second...etc. I didn't get a manual with this bike, but any help would make us both happy! thanks guys!

Make sure that the battery is fully charged.

If you didn't put some kind of fuel stabilizer (i.e. Sta-bil or Sea Foam) in the gas before storing it, I would suspect plugged jets in the carburetor.

If you're confident the gas is good and the carburetor is clean, try a new spark plug and cycle the kill switch and the ignition switch a couple of times and ensure that it's in neutral.

The battery is fully charged. I used a battery tender on it. Also, Sta-Bil was used last year last time it was started. Its been sitting three months and I narrowed it down to spark. Its not getting any. I have no idea what to check on it. I am a car guy and not a bike mechanic. Thanks to all!

is the key, on/off switch turned to on? i do that all the time! also check the connectors to to the coil, my crf 50's jiggle loose from time to time.

Attached is a schematic for the TT-R50.

Check all switches and connectors.

Make sure you have a good spark plug.

Make sure the the plug cap is securely attached to the plug wire and completely seated on the spark plug.

Make sure it's in neutral.

You can jump around the key switch and the kill switch. (see schematic)

TT-R50 Schematic.jpg

Well guys, I feel like a fool...I tried everything on this little bike and I think its time to take it to the shop...I still cannot get spark. I checked every single connection. the coil may be bad but I have no idea how to test. There are more wires on this than my 450f times 4! Any last ideas before I bite the bullet?

call your yamaha dealer service department, they may diagnose it over the phone.

I had a similar problem with my sons TTR50. I couldn't get it to start after sitting for quite sometime. I cleaned out the carb completely...pulled jets everything. Next I took and cleaned the petcock on the tank. Sometimes they can get alittle junked up from sitting with fuel in the tank. After that, she started up with no problem! Try it before you loose your money to the dealer!

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