13/50 Gearing on a late model 525 EXC 07?

I have been running 14/50 on my 2007 with good results...Then again anything lower than the ridiculous 15/45 land speed record cearing that it came with stock would have been better.

But...I ride some technical stuff and lately I have been in 1st gear way too often. I dont like riding in 1st gear...Makes me feel slow and lame and I catch nuetral on occasion when I upshift. I want to turn my bike into a 2nd and 3rd gear tractor.

Anyone running a 13/50 combo on thier late model 525 EXC's??? If so how did it work and did it help to keep you out of 1st gear in the slow technical stuff?


I immediately changed to 13/50 when I purchased the bike. It did not leave the dealership until the change was made.

I'm 6'7" 280lbs and due to my weight I'm thinking about going with a larger rear sprocket for more low end as with my height and weight I can really leverage forward on the bike so I do need more torque (like pulling a heavy trailer).

If you like the 14/50 you will really like the 13/50.

Tried the 14/50 for a while and thought that I really liked it. Was going to try 14/52 bought I got an invite to do some real tight trails so I went and got a 13 and love it. Second/third gear for what I ride around here in Pa, which is mostly all rocks and tight trails. The 13/50 still has enough top end to make riding connecting roads bearable.

Done deal.....At 240#'s I need the 13.

My Powernows just got here as well.

Could be a good ride tomorrow!

Thanks Gents!

I've been running 13 50 on my 525 for years, works great


13:50 on my '04 400XCW. I wouldn't ride the single track without it, it lets you ride 2-3 for the most part rather than 1-2. The beauty of KTM - it'll still do freeway speeds in 6th.


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