??? fcr good deal or not

If it goes cheap it might be a good deal, but it is the older slant style FCR.

If it goes cheap it might be a good deal, but it is the older slant style FCR.

older is no good ??

It may or may not end up being a good deal, always a gamble, unless you personally know the previous owner.

But, just remember that about 99% of the real problem FCR's are bought second-hand.

Yes there are a few people that have had minor problems with new FCR-MX's, but they are in the minority.

All bikes are different, and all owners have different expectations of the carb, many of these expectations are wildly optimistic.

If you can afford a new carb, then go that route even if you have to wait a few months, is the best advice I can give.

But whatever you do, don't lose patience and buy an Edelbrock like I did, you will end up spending even more money on the FCR at a later date, just like I did :ride::rant:

Neil. :thumbsup::lol::mad:

It 's fine , i 've got an "old style" . WAY BETTER than the mikuni .

Think about it. An FCR is a 'state of the art' carb for bikes. Why would someone sell it? 99% of the time is because it was abused and in crappy condition. Truly buyer beware.

+1 William . I was lucky with mine and with the total money i gave i was close enough to the price of TT fcr wich was everything and it's NEW . The money i gave where 270-280euro and TTs carb is at 342euro with everything and it is an MX .

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