Accelerator pump covers

Has anyone tried the accel pump cover mod on thier KLX yet? Either the Quickshot FCR or the one by Stealth racing technologies? I think the Outlaw Racing boys make one too. All the companies sure to seem to claim a big difference to virtually elimiate any bog and hesitation?

I have the Factory R&D p-38 on both my bikes. It helps eliminate the bog. Jetting correctly also helps. The new adjustables fron R&D racing and Merge are pretty cool. I would look at those now.

Definately go for the POWERSHOT by scary fast! Thats what I am running and it works awesome! My buddy is running the quikshot by boyesen and he has trouble gettin it tuned right with his fuel screw. I put on the powershot and run my screw 2 turns out with my jetting it runs perfect! Were talking no bog at all.... My bike will do burnouts on asphalt with no use of the front brake! INSTANT throttle response! Thats just a sugestion, so do what you want but if i were u....... get the powershot!

I was hoping this would generate more discussion?:ride: C'mon some of you guys with the heavy mod bikes must have tried these too? Witt? Naz?

My brother pick up a 06 yz25f with a boyseen quickshot installed (everything else stock) and it is quite SNAPPY!:rant: Won't pull hills like the KLX though.....:thumbsup:

They are all about the same. The p-38, quickshot and the stealth. They are intended to have a volume of gas ready at low rpm's. F2 has a different approach, their carb Fast Cap. The new adjustable ones are the way to go in my opinion. I have the Fast Cap also, I forgot. And no bog.

I am running the F2 fast cap also... NO BOG!

I was hoping this would generate more discussion?:thumbsup: C'mon some of you guys with the heavy mod bikes must have tried these too? Witt? Naz?

Sorry man...I was outa town for a week.

I have the Boysen Quickshot but I installed it at the same time I did all the other mods (jetting, pipe, airbox, etc…) so I can't really say for sure if it did anything. It is very snappy the way it is set up though. Sorry…I wish I could help more.

There are lots of posts regarding these in other forums on TT. Some favorable, some not. Like fcr said, the adjustable ones from Merge and R1Dean look cool, so I got one myself. Picked up the Powerbowl from R1 and just got it on the bike. Will be testing this weekend.

I recently put the R&D adjustable leak jet on, and am very happy. I don't see much need to adjust it often, but the carbs such a nightmare to access, this allowed me to get it set right, quickly. R&D was cheaper than Merge and comes with the heavy pump spring, look at Mountain Peaks Motorsports for a good price.

Installation was easy, other than getting the carb off, and forgetting to put the idle screw back in. Looks like I need to pull it again to fatten the pilot jet now. Oh well, always something. Getting real close now, I reccomend the adjustable leak jet for the KLX.

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