08 yz250f pics

Just posting some pics of the 08 250f still waiting for the dr.d exhaust to be repaired, now I just need to ride it.






looks good. what happand to the dr.d?

It cracked at the lower mount where it mounts to the sub frame. It is a Ti full system, would never buy again, now I have been reading that this is a common problem with these pipes. Maybe the stainless is better?

nice ride :thumbsup:


nice bike

very nice yami.

bow down to what you cant own. :thumbsup::ride:

Very nice and clean.

I'm willing to buy your stock pipe bro

If your interested to sell it contact me a threesixtyone@mac.com

Looks good

What ya waiting for to ride it?

bow down to what you cant own. :thumbsup::ride:


Story of my life

Looks good

What ya waiting for to ride it?

Just getting good weather up here in canada. Been busy with work and family things, now its time to ride.:thumbsup:

Should've gone with the FmF 4.1/Megabomb combo :thumbsup:

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