Carb help, again!

Hey fellas-

Here I am again trying to get my DRZ out for its first ride of the year. I think I jinxed myself making the comment to my wife what a great bike it has been, I never had a problem with it until I said that last year.

So last year it just wouldnt start, carb was gummed up pretty good.

This year, I can get it running, but gas starts spewing out of the (vent?) on top of the carb when I turn it over. It started and ran rough, filled a 12 oz can with gas in about 30 seconds. Thats not going to be good for the mileage!

Multitasking at the moment, I moved onto other things to do while I figured I could go ahead and ask what you think. Stuck float maybe????

At least my float charger kept the battery good over the winter!!

Thanks in advance!


Stuck float or needle and seat problem. Pull it apart. Next time you put it away add Sea Foam or Stabil. I add Sea Foam to every tank full. It keeps the carb clean and stabilizes the fuel so it does not gum up. Even Wal Mart sells it. :thumbsup:


I do use stabil in everything and make sure it gets into the carb before storage...

just my luck i guess....

Before you get too carried away, try this. Put the petcock to "PRI" and tap lightly on the carb float bowl with the plastic handle of a screwdriver. Works about 1/2 the time to free stuck floats.

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