Help streeting a 08 KX450F please

Hi Im a weekend warrior and with these insane gas prices I was thinking of building a sweet street bike that can still be motod without to big of hassle. I have never looked into this until today, can anyone tell me the sweetest parts to do this conversion Im not terribly familiar with what alls out there other than baja designs:excuseme:

Your first hurdle is getting a street title for an "off-road only" dirt bike.

Then you next hurdle is dealing with the tight maintance schedule of your 08 MX bike.

Then you can buy dual sport kits to be street legal.


Yeah Maintenance is no biggy at all(its not gonna be a daily ride) but I am going to have to look into the state laws. A guy down the road has a xr650r that is tagged so ill have to pay him a visit.

I wish Kawasaki would make a DS version of the KLX450.

I think they would sell good.

Thanks for the links! Im outside of erie where are you from?

I did a crf450 in Maryland and a TT member contacted me about doing a kxf450, I think he had contacted several compinies about a stator/flywheel for power and was having a hard time. One company was testing one but they havan't produced them yet. His TT name is sotyphoon 415, he might be able to help.

trickdualsport all the way!!!!!

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