Placing My Order Tuesday...One Final Question...

Hey everyone.

I'm going to be placing my order on Tuesday...well, maybe a day or so after that...going to TRY to get it set up so that the bike will arrive next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.'s what I've got going on. I've budgeted about $900 to spend on the bike with shipping. I've done quite a bit of research and have determined that I want to go with an SSR.

I will be getting some motard tires for the bike, and I will be using it primarily at a local go kart track that hosts mini-motard races all summer long.

With that said, the two bikes that I've narrowed it down to are:

The SSR-125 SB-R aluminum frame bike


The SSR 90R bike

The ONLY down side (to me at least) of the 90R is the fact that it's only got the semi-auto shift. I don't really know if I would like that...but then again, I suppose I could get used to it.

For my intended purpose, which of these bikes would serve me better?? The 90R has the IRK on it, which is a big plus.

My only other option would be to just get an SSR DX-3 and then use the extra money to buy some things like a new set of race pants or something...but I think I'd rather get the more expensive bike that will need less upgrades right off the bat.

Please let me know which you think would be best, and I appreciate it very much!!!

Don´t get the aluframe ...they are crap!!No cradle!! get the c4 instead :thumbsup:

c4 isnt cradle, nor is it chromoly.............

i would go with the ssr90r

those sb aluminum frames are some of the strongest aluminum ones on the market!!!!!!!!!

staggs or outlaw will chine in about it i bet...

those sb aluminum frames are some of the strongest aluminum ones on the market!!!!!!!!!

staggs or outlaw will chine in about it i bet...

I hope so , because what you said about the chinuliumframe is plain wrong:lol:

Well, the more and more I look at it...the more and more I think that the 90R is the bike that I would be best suited with.

The adjustable front forks on the 125 are the ONLY thing that I see that it has that I would want...but for the purpose that I will be using the bike, adjustable forks aren't that big of a deal. I will still be able to get the forks tuned to my weight by changing springs and spacers...and I won't really need to adjust them after that. I guess the only other upside of the 125 is the true manual clutch...but that is counter acted by the fact that my fiancee doesn't know how to use a manual, so the semi-automatic might be something that she can try.

I like the idea of the IRK...even though I haven't convinced myself 100% that I know actually what it does. I know it allows the motor to rev quicker, which should in turn increase performance and acceleration.

I also like the A style swingarm on the 90R. Seems like that would be better suited for the type of riding I'll be doing.

Basically an inner rotor kit (IRK) just eliminates the flywheel down to just what is needed to house the magents to operate the pickups for the ignition. Thus less rotating mass to ge moving when whacking the throttle open therefor a faster reving engine.

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