Auto Clutches and trail riding

OK, I know that this seems off topic, but what I am looking for is some information on the bottom of the rpm range and how these auto clutches perform. I ride desert and mountain woods on a vintage 486cc Honda Thumper. I have been thinking about the new auto style clutches and of course the advertising and typical tests in the magazines rave about how cool they are. Trick is that I use my bike for everything and sometimes it is 1/2 mph up a rocky climb or playing trials rider in a really tight section of trail switchbacks. If I was an "A" class rider I might just blast along everywhere and thus keep the clutch locked up and working. Being a bit slower, I am concerned about not having that off idle control that a manual clutch gives you. I know that they now offer new models that still retain the manual lever, but that seems to say to me that the auto clutch just doesn't cut it in some situations, especially slower riding.

I figured that the Trials riders who might have tried one of the auto clutches would be a good source of opinion and information for the questions that I have? I haven't had a chance to try one of them yet. Hate to pay from $450-$800 for something that I might not like.


Anyone tried them?

your not going to get much response in this forum bro,although the rekluse on woods bikes are supposed to be good but im old school,get a honda 50 or 70 and try it out

Lots of Rekluse threads on the WR/YZ250 forum.

We put one in my riding buddies YZ426. After getting it installed correctly, it works great. There is even an option to manually over-ride with the stock clutch lever. We ride mostly nasty rocky single track, with an occasional 3rd or 4th gear open section. A bit pricey, but it really made a moto-crosser into a woods bike.

I have two friends with Rekluse units. One has a KTM300 stroker, the other a WR450.

I've ridden both bikes and I have to say, it makes life a whole lot easier. You dont need to worry so much about gear selection, you can bar mount a rear brake in place of the clutch lever (i like that idea) and if your bike is kicker only, happily you'll be stalling and resarting a whole lot less.

My friend tells me that his arm pump was greatly reduced too.

Next time I own a MX bike, I'll be fitting one straight away :thumbsup:

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