08 Valves

Will the 08 valves work in an 05 head?


All you have to do is call a dealer and cross referance part numbers or go to a parts fiche.

Yes they will. The '08's don't have a back-cut, they work just fine in the older models.

The exhaust valve has the same part number but the intake valve part number is different. I was also going to get the 08 valve springs and again the exhaust spring part number is the same and the intake is different. So would the intake valves/springs off of an 08 work on and 05 head?

the intake springs and retainer are bigger dia from '07 and '08. they also use a aluminum retainer. the newer set-up is better.

cross reference an '06 intake bucket with a '07 bucket. i think they're the same... if they are you'll be fine. I forget without measuring one to see if they went to a bigger dia.

the 06, 07, and 08 intake buckets have the same part number but the 05 has a different part number. so the 08 intake valves should work. right???

I know for a fact he '08 valves work... I just couldn't remember if the buckets got larger in '07 because of the different springs.

It looks like all the parts would be interchangeable.

The valve guides got longer in -07, maybe something to upgrade to too? For longevitys sake?

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