06 crf450 breaking spokes on sprocket side

I have broke 3 spokes on the left side on the rear rim.I have excel spokes and rim can't figure out why.really starting to get mad about it.any ideas why they are breaking so much.thanks

when people say they are torqueing the spokes to 40-50 pounds.is it ft. lbs or inch pounds i just made a tool with the excel tightener and my craftsman torque wrench.I set it to 45 and it wont click so im wondering if my spokes are just to loose.the way i made the tool is i drilled a whole in the end and welded a 3/8 inch to a 1/4 inch reducer on the end.should still work in theory.

INCH POUNDS... THAT IS WAY TO TIGHT. I suggest you relace both your wheels.

is that the same torque for stock rims? my rear needs to be tightened. if i torqued them all the same should the wheel come out fairly straight?

I dont know much about wheels, hopefully someone else can help you.

so is it inch pounds then ?

Yes, INCH pounds. Make sure the nipples are not corroded up. WD40 them or something to make sure they are ok.

If you did tighten to 40ft-lbs, the spokes are garbage and you'll need to relace the whole wheel, as previoulsy suggested.

no havent tightened them yet wanted to make sure it was inch pounds.thanks

Are you breaking the spokes or just the nipples? I had Bulldog spokes with Excel spline drive nipples on my wheels, and about every other ride I was snapping a nipple in half. I have an Excel torque wrench, but it still kept happening. After talking to TCR Wheelacing in CA., they basically told me that the aluminum Excel nipples are junk, and to replace them with Buchannan stainless spokes and nipples. I did this, and my problems went away. Just a thought if it is your nipples and not the actual spokes that are breaking.

they are breaking just above the hub whole.

I recently changed my rear spokes to Buchannan stainless spokes. The stock spokes kept loosening after ever ride no matter how many times I tightened them and torqued them. I ended up getting a flat on one ride due top a loose spoke and breaking 2 on another ride. I switched to the Buchannan stainless spokes and they haven't loosened since the initial install. I ride offroad so I'm not concerned about the extra weight of the spokes.

I am not sure, but perhaps there are Excel spokes for OEM hubs and another part number of Excel spokes for Excel hubs. Maybe you are using the wrong spokes for your hubs so there's something funky going on there, causing the near-hub breakage?

my stock spokes are pulling out of my stock rim.

think i found out why my spokes are breaking.I took my wheels off my 03 cr250 and just put them on my 06 450.My buddy brought his 05 450 wheel over last night and we compared then side by side.The 450 hub looks beffier then the 250 hub.so i guess i will have to get a 450 hub and hopefully my problems will be over.

How tight are you running your chain ?? If your running your chain to tight, it could put added stress on the sprocket side spokes..

I used a 2003 CR250R wheel on my CRF just recently. There shouldn't be any problem. I think you got something else going on...

thinking the spokes are from a cr250 and the 06 spokes have a different part number.don't know all i know is im getting very peeod about it.they keep breaking at the hub just as the spoke comes out of the hub.thinking about buying some buchanon spokes.

Are you sure you are using the right Excel spokes for your OEM hub? Are they Excel spokes for an Excel hub? Not sure if there's a difference or a different part number, but there may be!

Just so you know, I use CR250R wheels with CR500 motors so I know they can take a beating... It's not the hub.

No matter what, I think you need to replace the entire set all at once, tighten them properly and then adjust them during the first several break-in rides as they will loosen up.


It sounds like something it seriously wrong. Is you wheel out of round? Are you overtightening the spokes? I have seen guys crank on their spokes. This could cause them to break as well. They just need to be snug. As far as strength goes, the JCR teams use stock spokes and wheels. Best of luck.

From 02-on...it's all the same. Same part #'s all the way around. Buchannon spokes are the way to go. Excel makes a great wheel and hub. Spoke wise, I've heard several complaints. Did you get a complete Excel wheel set? I've heard you have to re-check everything if you bought a complete wheel.

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