Fork Height Question

Hey guys, , but I'm very tall 6'4" and find the bike still feels small, I have the stiffest springs in my bike I could buy and I have put on a taller rear tire, lowered the footpegs, raised the handlebars and moved them ahead, and put on a guts tall seat, the only other thing I could think of doing was dropping the front forks down in the triple clamps a bit to make the bike a little higher.

My question is how far down the tube can I slide them safely? I had them flush last year and this year I decided to drop them down alittle more, take a look and tell me if it's too far??

and if there are any more things I can do to make the bike feel bigger for me, please shoot any suggestions you may have......


i've never seen them that low... i keep mine flush. i don't think it'll go anywhere though...

I am not really 100% sure on this but logically I was thinking that the bearings were designed for certain stresses and as you move the forks further down in the clamps, the more stress is put on the steering head bearings. Now I really don't think it would do anything to it but the only possibly bad thing i can think of is that your bearings won't last as long... insignificant

I know what you mean, it's like the leverage effect on the bearings, however by dropping them 3-4mm down, would not significantly make a big difference. I was more wondering about the ability of clamping may be lessened as less of the upper fork is being clamped.

I don't think there much else you can do, except maybe try a 19" YZ rear rim.

I can't see any drama n having the forks where thet are now, but personally I would not be comfortable in running them any lower - clamping force will be drastically reduced.

Max I dunno if you prefer comfort over steering/ turning ability, but by lowering the forks obviously the bike will turn more slowly - even with a taller rear tyre - and it's not exactly razor sharp in the steering dept to begin with.

When you say small, do you mean cramped, it's each to their own but I like a bike to feel small.

I'm 6'2" and have raised the bars 20mm and plan on getting Fastway lower pegs, but I have raised the forks in the clamps by 8mm as the steering feels way to slow for my liking - it's better for my style like this.

A 19" tire won't help because the outside diameter is the same on an 18" and 19" tire.

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