How fast have you had your drz sm on the road?

Like the title says how fast have you had your drz sm. Mine is stock with a slip on pipe. So far I've had it to 90 but I was wearing a MX helmet and safety glasses. It got a little sketchy so I backed off. Haven't tried with the closed face street helmet yet.

100 -102 no wind tucked and lots of room :thumbsup:

ive hit 100 mph on my s with a jet job and avon street biased tires

Mine's jetted with 3x3 and stock pipe. I'm 180#, and I like to tuck with my feet on the passenger pegs. I find it puts some more upper body weight on the front end. I've seen 106 indicated.

105 indicated full tuck draftin a semi lol and stock at the time

101 indicated with stock gearing, white bro's slip on, 3x3. With my new 14T sprocket it maxes out about need to go even that fast and it helps A LOT off road.:thumbsup:

I have a rs2 full pipe ,the air box and a jet kit, also a 16 t front sprocket,damn near a hundred today first time with all the new stuff ,it wouldn't go much over 80 before....

3X3, fcr-mx, e cams, yoshi exhaust = 102 mph half tuck I backed off to much speed.:thumbsup:

103 indicated = about 92 real MPH (verified by GPS), it had some more to go, but no need (got speeding ticket with it going 88 :ride: )...if you want more, get a KTM or better yet an R1 :thumbsup:

110mph, hit the rev limiter

some external mods....

145 mph ... slight tail wind .

oh i forgot ... it was in the back of my ford XR 8 ute !!!

103, 15/41, felt like it had a little more.

105 indicated full tuck draftin a semi lol and stock at the time

I highly doubt this. I don't think th semi was going that fast LOL

you may have been doing 105 ind, but then you probably weren't drafting lol

105 indicated full tuck draftin a semi lol and stock at the time

wow, that semi was hauling @$$!

102 indicated, slight down hill grade

95mph on flat/slight uphill and tucked. stock gears, mx carb, powerbomb exhaust, smaller lights and stuff, 165lb 6'-3"

2008 S but I'll chime in anyway.

98 indicated completely stock everything, there was definitely a little more, but not much and I was scared. Buddies 600 sportbike said 100 even.

I have seen 97 on two other occassions.


Mine is a e model sm with 15/38 gearing. I haven't tried out it's max speed but it cruises at 140km/h nicely down the highway, I'm guessing it would max out at about 160km/h or so.

Revlimiter with 16/41, (178km)

50+bhp engine.

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