Aftermarket Triple Clamps - different offsets?

I know one other manufacturer here in Australia, you need to get both top and bottom as a pair to get the different offset...

you can always get a cheap fix by raising your fork tubes in the clamps by 5, 10 or 15mm... but that also shortens your wheelbase and lowers the front end... not good at high speed...



I've already got the fork tubes raised up 8mm. That helped a lot but I'm still looking for quicker turning. I don't do a lot of high speed riding - just ask anyone that I've ridden with :) - and I've got a Scott's stabilizer so I'm not too worried about headshake.



I'm looking to speed up the steering on my '99 WR400 - it seems to be a bit of a handfull in the tight stuff. Scott's offered (or at least used to) a set of clamps that changed the geometry to mimic the '00 YZ/WR. Anybody have any experience with these? Does any other mfg offer an alternative?


all this was covered in 2000 on the old web site. you may find it difficult to source.

i would recommend you go over to the KTM side and thtere is a jetting Q there that clark mason answered. he's a veteran from this side but hardly posts at all nowadays.

he did a lot of the earlier mods. give him a personal message as he did hundreds of miles with short-offset triple clamps (SOT's).

they did improve the steering but you have to decide if they're worth the extra money.

i had my handlebars on 10mm spacers and then dropped the forks through 13mm and eventually 18mm.

having a top-notch front tyre helps.

but as you can see from my signature, in the end after hundreds of £££££ of mods i still had the one thing i couldn't change; a heavy bike.


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