Fractured leg

Dr. Mark,

Just spiral fractured tibula and fractued fibula while wearing asterisk knee braces. Tibula was plated and fibula was left alone. After reading your opinions about knee braces I wish I never bought them. Oh well at least I did not break my femur!

What brand of boots do you recommend? I have tech 8's.

I wear the Tech 10s

Post your X-ray. A spiral fracture is a twisting injury and not piece of equiptment can protect against that.

i did not bring my x rays home from the hopital. i have to get new ones on thursday and will post then. mahalo for the reply.

I fractured my right tib/fib also. The fibula is broken in half and was left that way, I was very surprised by this, as it is not even close to being lined up. The tibia had 2 breaks; one about 4" above the ankle and the other 2" below the knee. A rod was inserted through the tibia. Looking at the side view xray the top part of the tibia is not lined up very well. It doesn't look right to me.

I hope yours heals up nice and quick.

post the X-rays


I've never posted pics before, hope this works.

Its not perfect, but it should be ok.

Dr. Mark where can I find your opinion on knee braces and what kind of knee protection do you use if any. Do you currently use any neck braces and if so which one? Thank-you

I wear the Leatt.

I have no opinion on knee braces to share with you. I hope you will participate in our study though. Perhaps I will be able to share something with you about knee braces next year.

Thanks for the quick replay. I's a relief to know that it should be ok. I was also concerned that this might cause a knee problem. So, it is standard proceedure to leave the fibula like this? Are there adverse affects?


Neil King

The fibula is always the least of the problems. In fact, its never a problem at all.

Neilking: that is one hell of a break!!! Please how that one happened!

The fibula is always the least of the problems. In fact, its never a problem at all.

Dr. Sanders

Do you mean it's not a problem to fix, or not a problem to leave broken? The break at the top of the tibia seems to move when I raise my leg up in a horizontal position and then rest it on a pillow it moves again. Do you think I should go to physical therapy with the bone not being rigid? The DR. said it wasn't moving but he didn't even look at it. Am I seeing and feeling something else that makes the bone appear to move? I was hoping to be back riding by mid may, and back to work.


I was climbing a hill with about a 4' step in the middle and a double step at the top, the first part about 2.5' high and the second part about 1.5' a tire length away. I didn't pick up quite enough momentum after the middle step and hung on the skid plate at the top. I put my feet down to pull the bike the rest of the way up. The back tire was spinning and suddenly kicked to the right, I heard a pop but didn't feel anything. I fell down I suppose because my leg was broken. I didn't realize it was broke til I got up and tried to stand on it and it buckled out at a sickening angle. I decided that the rock pile where I was at was a good place to lay down. Good thing I had my cell phone. The hill itself is hard to describe, I have climbed it several times before. This is on a trials bike.

The fibula is not the issue at all. It always heals and it never causes any problems.

I am very unhappy to hear that the upper fracture is moving. That needs surgical attention now. I am not suprized after looking at the X-ray.

I would fix that tomorrow. PT comes after stable fixation.

Thanks, hopefully I can get them to fix it here. If not, is this something that can be taken care of as an out patient or is it going to require hospitalization?

I need to get this taken care of soon, I'm self employed and don't have time wait until I need a bone graft.

I would fix that on the out patient basis, but I am not sure that you doc is an out of the box thinker.

He is young and knows everything already. When he realizes that he doesn't he will probably be on his way to becoming a pretty good doctor. Hopefully I can talk to him today. I have family in Rosenburg, how far away from there is the closest place you work?

Rosenberg is 30 minutes from my clinic straight up 59

I guess he doesn't want to talk to me. Do I need to call Blue cross to tell them I need a redo on my leg, I guess you need to check it first? I'm wanting to proceed as soon as possible. Thanks,

Neil King

Email the front and back of your insurance papers, points of contact, and date of birth to Yvonne at

I see the out of town patients the day of their surgery. I all ready saw the X-ray, and I know exactly what needs to be done.

We will get the work done next week. If you have BC/BS it will be next Thursday.

I will remove the upper two screws in the rod, put a plate and screws on the upper tibia holding it in an anatomic reduction, and then replace the upper two screws into the rod.

Actually its a pretty neat trick.

I will need to have your previous operative report from the initial surgeon so I know who was the manufacturer of the rod so I can get the right screw driver.


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