A solid workout routine...

Hey, I'm 15, I weigh about 135 and i'm 5'8''..

I was looking for a workout routine to help me for my future in racing.. I will not be racing this year but I will be racing 125C next year.

I consider myself to have an alright amount of muscle mass in my upper body, but thats not enough, I need more stamina and lower body strength.

Right now, all I do is alot of perfect pushups.. Sets of them (14,10,6 Regular width, 14,10,6 Wide and 14,10,6) every other night with sets of crunches (30,30)

I feel very toned when I'm done working out, but I know that upper body is not everything. I went to the Sandbox Arena and after one session I was wiped out.

So I was wondering if you guys could give me a solid workout routine that involves cardiovascular and lower body to help me build up lots of endurance and strength. Keep in mind I have to muscle around a 220lb machine.

Do breathing squats combined with straight arm pullovers ......

Everyone should do them when they first start out training to stretch their rib cage and boost their fitness ......

What you do is do 1 set of high rep squats ...... 20 to 25 reps until you're breathing fire ...... then immediately afterwards without resting ...... lay across a bench with a bare broom handle or light bar .... then while keeping your butt down ..... do a set of 10-15 straight arm pullovers ....... stretching back as far as possible and shoving your chest out as far as you can on each rep while taking in a deep breath and holding it in as you go back .....

The idea is to expand and develop your rib cage and lugs to the max and increase your breathing capacity .......

Perform 5 supersets of those two movements combined and you'll soon get fitter than ever ....

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