General wr 400 advice

Hi all,

Noob to all this, only had wr400 1999 model 1 day :thumbsup: wow i love it. Anyone got any service tips for me, can i do valve clearances my self? and how often.

In the cold old uk so how many hours between oil and oil and filter changes.

any advice would be great.


What i do

Wash bike so shiny clean and dry off by towel. Remove tank and clean again. Get all tubes and wires out of way with non stick tape and cover all holes with tape. If needed use toothbrush to clean edges of valve cover. Use compressed air to blow out spark plug whole and everything else in vacinity (careful not do to direct air on fins of radiator). I then squirt brake clean down into spark plug whole and blow again with compressed air. I then loosen the spark plug by a quarter turn and then squirt brake clean in again and blow again with compressed air. IF you havent figured it out yet I am anal about keeping my internal clean and free of any dust particulates. Pop cover off and viewing covers off case and get to TDC and check valves. I like mine to be on the tighter end of the allowance. This procedure usually takes me about 40 minutes. To change valve pads adds about 2 hours cuz of the trips to the dealer and the extra wrenching. You need to follow the manual and there is a free manual online at the performance sticky on this WR site. I always change my oil after I run my engine for 10 minutes after working in it just for safety of my engine.

I change my oil every 200 to 250 miles. Also, would be good to go thru and put new fluids throughout (brake, radiator, fork, etc.) and also regrease and repack all grease joints.

Loads of work on your new found love.

Treat her well like you should treat your wife and she will perform well for too!!

Read all performance tabs and stickies on this web page and type in single word of what you question in the search area and you will within a couple of weeks have a great idea of everything about your bike and what you need to do!!

Have fun, Jason

Thanks Jason for info, just got got back from a muddy session, god i got some cleaning to do.

Thanks Rob

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