2002 yz 426 for the old man

ive had my 2003 rm 250 for a while and love it and my dad is fianally getting a bike its embarrassing but i still live at home.my bike is pretty modded out and i cant get him to ride it but did get him thinking about the 426 i got him to caught up about 2200 so a 450 is out of the question but do you 426 guys like the 426 .i found a 426 near by like very few hours nice condition 2002 for 2500 to much but am good at working a deal.what are the problems with the 426 and are they easily fixable i ride motocross and hate 4 strokes but he rides trails and wants water cooled but not a wr.no 250f

i really am happy with the 426 i have it runs great and is very reliable i came off a 02 cr250 and will never go back to 2smokes the power is great and the sound is even better. If you do get it just go over it and check everything over, they are no easier or harder to fix than a 450. if you can get it for even 2400 in this area thats a good price for an 02 i would say go for it depenting on its condition. Do a search on here for mods and problems you will find a ton of stuff.

the only reason if i were you i would tell him not to buy it is if you dont want your RM pelted with its roost.:thumbsup:

I have a '02 426. Did most all of the mods. Auto decompress, Rekluse clutch and a 51 tooth sprocket. It now starts easy, dosen't stall and climbs like a tractor. It is no longer scary fast but is great to crawl around in the woods with. Still a lot of fun.

I have been riding a 01 since 02 with no problems. change the oil every 2 or 3 rides. The autocam is a must. Flywheel weight. and just last week I started running a 250f CDI. took a little of the hit off and pulles out good in the gears. HO and I am 55 now. The only real problem I have is keeping up with the bars. When I try to ride it hard it keep my elbows locked. It is a good bike in the woods. turns, drifts and pivets good. One last thing. I lengthen the clutch arm 1/4" where the cable connects to the motor. The clutch is 1 finger and my son thinks it is the AVS levers I have. He fill love it :thumbsup:

i love my 02 426.. excellent bike.. has a rock for a motor.. handles good and is extremely fun..

I have a wr426 its not a mx I am not sure about the yzs but if you get a wr450 it has eletric start my 426 is kick start only I have no problem starting it but I am not how can I say not real old but when I do get old I would like the push butten something to think about. I dont think much differance between 426 and a 450 weight speed

thx for the input probly going to look at it tomarrow mabey ill post a pic for all to see

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