What main jet are you running for corked RS-2

I have a 07 DRZ400S with a 3x3, FCR, 160 main jet, and a RS-2 full system. My elevation is around 700ft. The FCR instructions says: if running an open, aftermarket exhaust, use the standard 160 main jet. If running stock exhaust, use 155 main jet. My question is what jet should I run with a corked full system, something in between a 155 and a 160? I have warmed up my bike and ran it with the air box lid off and on and I can't tell a difference between the two, dose that mean my 160 main jet is fine or should I go down because my RS-2 is corked?


General rule if thumb around here is a 155 main jet with a corked RS-2 @ sea level. With the cork in it is as restricted or worse than stock. I'm at around 1200ft and I run a 160 with cork out and runs great.

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