This is cheap isnt it?

seems kinda fishy that it says it was only trail ridden but its got preprints on it, different rims and hubs or at least they were anodized, same with the triple clamps and a different exhaust. i would be asking some questions to the seller about all of that.

seems reasonable...I sold my 04 last year for $2800 and it was in really good shape, well maintained.

I wasn't planning on buying it or anything, I just thought it seemed really cheap for a 450.

450SX (or any not ver versitle "track bike") does not hold its value like an EXC. The SX engine requires much more maintenece that the EXC (Ti valves) and to make a do it all bike that will need a 6 speed conversion. Add no less than a grand to make it woods ready

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