Track-side Store: Feasible? Profitable?

So I'm a 17 year old kid who rides occasionally at tracks and some trails. Lately I've been thinking of some ways to earn some extra cash over the upcoming summer, and this idea dawned on me about 15 minutes ago: I want to sell items at the local tracks around here. I want to buy some inventory (grips, levers, jerseys, pants, goggles, tear-aways, gloves, spark plugs, oil, tubes, etc) and then be able to take it to the track. If I can buy any of these items at least a little bit under retail, I can resell them for just a bit more.

Since I'm not trying to make a living off of this, I think I could undersell any major competition that also sells things at the track. So my questions are:

1.) Is this a decent idea? Would you purchase items like this?

2.) Are there any places I could buy inventory from, that I could then resell? (ie: wholesale or in bulk?)


its a good idea but i dont know where a 17 yar old is going to get the funds for it.

Yeah, and undercutting the other guys by a lot, is kind of a dick move... find a track that DOESNT have a trackside vendor..

When ya get to college, if ya take Business 101, it will talk alot about "start-up capital"...

What have ya got for assets?

And, Yes, I'd buy, and so would anyone else if you run a good business with good product value to price, and good inventory.

Good Luck! Make sure you look into government small business grants and loans, don't wanna spend more of your own money than you have to. Spend Uncle Sam's.

I would reccomend selling some gas too if no one is selling it close to the track.

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