What's up with the TT sale section?

I've been shopping around for a different dirt bike and I find lots of bikes for sale on ebay and KTM Talk. When you look at the TT for sale section there is no activity to speak of, no one appears to use this site. Am I missing something? TT is the best site on the web for information, why isn't everyone buying and selling here?

Does anyone have a thought on this subject?

did you go to the classifieds at the top of the page? because theres a lot of ads there.

If you are referring to the Classified adds in the General forum section I have been there. I find it odd that there are not many adds (223 total in the dirt bike section) while on KTM Talk there are thousands. I think TT has it all over the other guys but I don't understand why the classified section is not being used.

From my point of view, it's because they charge you?

From my point of view, it's because they charge you?

nah its all free, unless you wanna put in pics.

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