Check this out.. Mint condition 1975 RM125!

Looks really good!!

how come no one on craigslist can spell? nice bike, but idk if its worth that much.

If anything that bike will keep going up in price. IMO it is worth that much

Think it's worth that much? Says its first-year.

yes,that zook is well worth the cash he's asking for it. if someone wanted to invest some cash in a vintage bike,this is the one to buy.the 1975 rm 125 is a rare bike. they are worth alot of money.if i had the cash,id buy it.:thumbsup:

That actually sounds like a steal for the condition this bike appears to be in.

That seat started the whole step-up thing :thumbsup:

Yeah Its worth more than what shes asking,but its only a pic.

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