Western Wa machine shop

I'm looking to have the cylinder head on my WR450 rebuilt in the next couple of months and would like to find a reputable shop to do the work. I would like to stay as close to Tacoma as possible but would be willing to drive a reasonable distance. Any ideas? Thanks


Guy by the name of Morry, does great work, but hard as hell to get a hold of.


Call Woody at Action Cycles - 253-474-7770.

Independent shop working out of his garage, located at 406 S. Wright Ave. in Tacoma.

He stays busy, so give him a call ASAP as I'm sure he's 2-3 weeks out to get your work turned around.

Had him rebuild my head and fit a 416cc piston in my XR400 back in January - he knows his stuff.

Thanks guys. I'm not looking to do it right away but I do want to get the head rebuilt by fall or so.


Another vote of confidence for Woody at Action cycles! I have used him for several jobs. He cut & sleeved my 1993 Suzuki DR 250S and turned it into a 340cc, He took my kids KX 80 lowered the porting cut & sleeved it to be a calmer but much more powerful 100cc woods bike, I recommended him to a neighbor who boosted his 200cc blaster quad. Good work done right the first time!

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