More problems.....

Ok, first off, thanks to all the responded to my post about my suspension. Now, I was so anxious to ride my bike that I had to take it out when it was dark and ..... Gravel and applied front break. I ended up breaking my foot but, the important question is I started my bike up, road it and it makes this funny but loud rattle. It's on the right side. It only does it just above idle. It sounds perfectly fine at idle and when the power valve is on I can't tell because it's not THAT loud. Someone told me it may be the power valve but, I really don't think so... What scares me is I flipped it in a pond by accident and it hydro-locked. So I tore it all down, drained it and put it back together.... I hope to god it's not a crank bearing.. What do you guru's out there think?

Many thanks,


I think it may be PV flapper flutter or rattle. I would ride it. If it bothers you too much then take it to a dealer and have them listen to it and give advice. Cant hear it from hear, cant help much.

Much obliged, thanks. I'll just keep an eye on it.

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