List your current jetting

I'm curious to see what people are using for jetting, let me know your intake mods as well. I don't care about exhaust because it really has little affect on jetting, thanks.

155 MAIN, 40 PILOT, NEEDLE SET ON #1, 2 TURNS OUT. couldn't ask for a better setup!

Don't forget about elevation!

3000-5000 ft.

170 Main, 48 pilot, Stock Needle, 2.5 turns out on fuel screw. Still need to tweak a bit. Had the 170 in for the winter and Ice racing, so need to go back to a 165 or 162.

Stock KX exhaust, AIS removed.

45PJ, 165MJ, JD red needle, clip #4, FS 1.5 turns, AIS removed, airbox mod, accel pump rubber band, FMF Powerbomb & Q4, 250'-1900'


Stock pilot jet, 160 Main jet, JD blue needle 4th clip (need to change to red soon) Fuel screw 1 and 1/3 out, rubber washer acell pump mod, airbox snorkel removed, stock exhaust

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