getting fluid in DRY BRAKE LINES

I came to notice that there is zero fluid in the front brake assay. I put fluid in the mater cylinder and pumped a few, held, opened and closed the valve and nothing happens. whats the dealio with getting new fluids to get pumping?

It is just empty. All air. Several techniques will work but probably the easiest is to push fluid up from the caliper. Buy a 60cc syringe at a pharmacy or veterinary clinic. Put a rubber hose on it. Suck up some fresh fluid, push it in the bleed screw. After there is fluid in the system, you can bleed normally until you are happy.

You can do a search for "bleed brakes". There are a few different methods.

I just installed a new ss front line today and used the method above previously posted by Noble. It took about 10 minutes.

use a syringe and push fluid up the line.

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