need help bout shims

Yes i tried to search, I just need to know if it hurts anything taking by top end apart often. I just did a valve job and now i need to reshim, just thought id ask. please help.:thumbsup:

No it doesnt hurt anything by taking it apart enough to reshim, would hurt things more by not taking it apart to adjust the valve clearances into specs, just dont overtighten the bolts. How recently was the valve job done?

You don't need to remove the cylinder head to re shim the valves.

When you remove the cylinder head/cyinder make sure you replace the gaskets every time.

thats right im sorry, but it wont mess n e thing up just taking the cam off frequently, thanks for answer

like said before! do not strip any bolts out! and tighten to spec.!

i measured my valve clearance and i used the shim calculator from this site. the exhaust shims that i need are 2.528 and the right is 2.597 and my right intake 1.852 what shims do i need since they dont have these sizes. do i round up or how does it work. please help, please help im new at this, first time.:thumbsup: '

im ordoring from

bout 3 weeks ago i used my old shims, started right up, used bout an hour, and measured. needed new shims.

I just replied to your PM. I explained everything :thumbsup:

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