1st time top end rebuild

this is my 1st time to rebuild a top end i have a 98 kx100 with a crack in the cylinder can anyone recommend a good place to send it to get renickel plated? what should i be looking for piston wise if i want more power? whats the biggest i can go bassicly im trying to do this the cheapest way. all i have is an fmf pipe and everything else is stock. any help would be awsome thnx

If I wasn't so buzzed, I'd ask about the crack, then tell you to get a new cylinder.


Cracked cylinders can be repaired. Send it to US Chrome or Millenium Technologies. It will come back better than new.

The biggest kits that I know of that are bore-only without stroking the crank are 107cc.

If you really want to do a big-bore right for that engine, buy an 85 cylinder, they are a much better starting point for a ported big-bore engine due to the port layout.

A stroker kit is much more effective for that engine than a big-bore. There's not a lot of added performance with the big-bore, but the stroker engines are much faster than stock. A stroked KX100 will outrun stock 125s with ease.

can u tell me more about the stroker kit? as in whee its available what i need to do it ive never herd of it b4 id like to look into it

Are you a very commited racer? Or just have a lot of money to burn? Strokers are very pricey.

Here's one example:


Stroker kits are much more effective on 85/100cc two-strokes than big bores because of the short length of the exhaust systems that the frame size dictates. If you really want the most performance out of your KX100, a stroker kit with a big-bore 85 cylinder is the hot ticket. But like I said, they are quite pricey because of all the modifications required, to the crank, the cases, the cylinder, and even the piston itself.

Just google KX 100 stroker kits.

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