No headlight, dash or tailight???

OK, fix one problem, cause another one. I first started by changing my turn signals and messing around with the rear tailight. Kept popping the fuse. Kept messing around with this and eventually I lost the headlight, dash and tailight when the key is in the "on" position. Have no idea what is going on. Also, when I turn the key all the way to the right past "on" the headlight and tailight come on -but still no dash. Any help????

BTW - I finally figured out what was wrong with the tailight and why it kept popping the fuse. As I jammed everything back into that small space behind the rear fender I must have loosed the ground wire on the tailight assembly. This same thing happened before and I forgot this was the cause. Had to bend the arm slightly so it fit snugly. Now that works just fine. Now I have this other problem.

With all of the fuse blowing problems you've had, can't seem to find that thread now, you might need to check the fuses up under the speedo, behind the head light.

Weird that the aux light works while the main dosn't.

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