quickshot 2 for 150r.. problems??

Hey guys i just got a quickshot 2 for my 150r

after i installed it it seemed like I wasnt getting as much power as before.

for example

i was at a track riding and there is a corner with a double right after it.

i go through the corner in 3rd gear and it seems like its not getting as much power

kinda like its hitting the rev limiter but its not.

there is 3 doubles in a row i have troubles doing the first double because of this.

once i get the first one down i can do the 2nd and 3rd like nothing.

seems like i am not getting enough low end power

guys can you please help me out

thx in advance

Put the old one back on the bike to determine first if the new quickshot is the problem. Believe me, do a quick check on the access plug in the bottom of the carb for the main jet, just to make sure you didn't reinstall the carb and gets some trash in it. Inline fuel filter, its a must.

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