wondering about oils ? let me know

I was wondering if there is a difference between engine oil, and trans oil, can i use the same oil in my trans that i do in my engine ? or is there a special kind of trans oil ? and how often should i change the trans oil, just as often as the engine oil ? let me know :thumbsup:

There are different kinds of oils, you can use the same in both, as long as it doesn't have Moly (good for engine but too slick for the transmission side)

Change your trans oil every 10ish, wouldn't hurt to change it when you change engine oil, but its not really neccesary.

im running the kawi s4 10w40 oil in both engine and tranny side, is that ok ? if not what should i run in the tranny ?

yes, just as long as their is no moley. honda make a oil made for the tranney, that works good

If you want to save money use shell rotella 15w40. You can find it at walmart for about 8.00 a gallon. It works fine in both. :ride::thumbsup:


Yes same oil in both. I personally use a 15w40 diesel oil. Shell Rotella T 15w40 is great, as well as the 76 Lube Gaurdol 15w40 I have recently been using. These oils are around $2.65/L when bought in 5 gallon pails.

If you want to use another oil, use a 10w40 non synthetic motorcycle oil such as Pennzoil or Castrol, these can be found for around $4/L

Make sure you are changing both oils after every good hard ride. In these bikes fresh oil is super important. Change your oil filter every 10 ish hours.

alright, thanks for the help guys !

+1 on the shell Rotella

I use the full Synth Rotella in my 998 Ducati and it's never given me a problem.

Also use the 15-40 in both sides of my CRF250R (engine/Trans)

what is moley???

what is moley???

moleybendium or something like that, its a oil addtive that causes clutch failure

good info

moleybendium or something like that, its a oil addtive that causes clutch failure

its a friction modifier, in vehicle oils, NOT good with wet clutches

hp tranny oil in the red bottle is good stuff, the crf is almost the same tranny as the cr

Use any good oil, in the clutch side use oil that is wet clutch compatible ( it is labeled like that)

Change it alot. After every race day or long day of practice, If you get it overheated, or slip the clutch alot. Dump it in between motos or as soon as possible.

these machines kill oil when used under race conditions. Casual riding can get by longer.

is that the energy saving thing???

moleybendium that is

moleybendium that is

I dont think so.

Molybdenum is a friction reducer and used as an oil additive. It is not good to be used in the trans side because it causes clutch slippage.

I just changed the oils and filter for the first time on my crf, now using Motul 5100 10W40 in both sides of the engine. Is this oil ok for my engine and tranny?

while on the topic of oil i have read a few threads with people saying they use more oil than is stated in the manual, i have an 08 crf 250 and in the manual it says 700cc in the engine and 600cc in the tranny. should i use more?


I use Honda Hp4M oil in the engine and Honda Hp4 in the transmisson.

Hp4M is the silver bottle with molly

Hp4 is the gold bottle

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