automatic decompressed, elctric starting for a 98?

i highly doubt it, but

1) could the electric starter off of an 03 wr450f be installed on a 98 yz or wr 400f? (if so, prob super expen$ive)

2) could an exhaust cam with the auto decompression off of a 03 yz450f or 03 wr450f be installed in a 98 yz400f or 98 wr400f? i know it can be done on a 250f.


anybody researched or tried either yet?

my bike starts easy enough, so the first Q is more FYI, but the second one would be a big convenience over that stupid lever (and help my dad start mine and my bro's bikes when he needs to. he can't seem to get the drill down.... one kick by drill... pause.. didn't start :)... :D *wham, wham, wham, wham!* *pant, pant, pant, pant*,...*wham, wham, wham, etc...* lol)

racer36 :D

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