Good lense for forest/shady riding

Most of my dual sport rides consist of riding areas with lots of trees. The thing I hate the most is the sun shining through the trees, so I get sun/shade/sun/shade very rapidly and it feels like I'm going to have a damn seizure. Anybody know of any lenses that would help with this? I have some oakley O frames, scott 83x, and smith - fuel goggles. Any info would be appreciated:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Have you tried yellow lenses? they take some of the glare out of sunny spots and seem to add definition in shadey spots. It's basically an improved clear-lens.

Son needed new gogles the other day, so I boped into Chaparral and just grabbed the first thing I could find. Ended up with Scott 89XI Light Sensitive, $34.99. I was so impressed with these, that I got a pair for myself.

They are light and well ventilated, so they are cool in hot weather (wouldn't recommend them for a desert sandstorm however). Most important, they react to light changes very quickly! In strong sunlight, they have a bluish color that is easy on the eyes and enhances details. In the dark, they turn very clear (important when trail riding), and I have done several night rides with them, no problem.

I 2nd that Scott Light Sensitive lens. They're sweet.

They loose the ability to change over time, maybe 20ish full riding days.

The blue Scott lenses seem to work good for shade/sun conditions.

I find the gradient lenses don't change fast enough in mottled sun and made it worse than the clear lenses I usually wear. If I go from shade to sun for prolonged periods though they do work great.

I just picked up the smith light sensitive goggles, they seem sweet on the road so far, havn't had them off road yet. But they work good since I leave for work at 4AM and come home at 2:30PM when its sunny. For when it's real bright or when I'm riding in the desert I got some black iridium lenses so we'll see how those work, and I also got a pair of persimmon lenses for overcast days, we'll see what works. Thanks for the info!

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