ktm 400 exc

just up graded from a klx 300 to a 400 exc all i can say is ouch this bike is fun and fast


the 400exc is a great bike, glad you are enjoying it:thumbsup:

i also upgraded from a klx300 to a 525exc and i love it :thumbsup:

What year 400exc? I upgraded to the 05 400exc from a xr400r two years ago and still shocked at the diff. I love my exc.:thumbsup:

it is a 02 nice thing about living in northern canada our summer toys do not see a lot of hours also is the decompres lever only for clearing the engine you do not start the bike with it, correct

yea- basically it gets used like a hotstart. you already have auto decomp for starting. So if you dump it and it gets flooded- you can use the decomp to clear (I usually kick it 4-5 times), some people sometimes hold open throttle too. (disreguarding the ap squirt as an issue).

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