aluminum frame...

whatchall think?

is it the same POS thats on my coolster?

dosnt look like it....

What frame are you talking about? (no pic)

sorry bout that....

definately looks alot better...

just wonderin if someone has this or has seen one..

im gonna sell the pooster and build a pit bike from scratch with all grade 8 hardware...

Use a yx 140cc motor,

or would buying a whole bike be the best way to go?

I would suggest buying a bike. Building can be fun, but will likely cost more in the long run. The YX 140 is a great engine, but don't rule out the lifan 140. It is a great engine and with a cam and a lightened oil sling, it will be very competitive. SSR tx140 is a great bargain and would be worth a look.

Give SGR-USA a call and see what Jeremiah can work out for you. If you can budget it, the OGM sx150 pro is simply awesome. Throw a 165 kit on it and it will amaze you.

If you must build, look on planetminis, there is a vendor there selling a rolling chassis that might look familiar.

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