Scott's stabilizer owners

Where do you usually keep yours adjusted to. I should be getting my mount and post on Monday. My KX 500 worked best at 6-8 clicks out, mainly for fast stuff

I ride in the dez and woods. For the tight stuff, ill run it pretty free. In the Sand washes ill tighen it up. As far as clicks go. I really dont count, ill just adjust the big knob a click or 2 either way depending on terrain.

6 out is crazy stiff. I can hardly turn my bars when it's that stiff. The old saying is that if you can feel the resistance, you've got it set too high/hard. I run mine at 15 out and my X is dual-sported.

I did not feel real resistance unless i hit a rock at speed in a wash. Bars turned freely.

Whatever works for ya, just do it man!:ride: Maybe it's just mine? :thumbsup: Of course, the desert compared to the tight mountains of WNC is apples and oranges anyway.

Yes it is. I will have to play around with it and find what works. :rant:

The trick is to play with it to see what works best for you.

I change mine a lot depending on the terrain I'm riding. Tight woods probably at 12-15 out fire roads and sand 8-5.

4-6 clicks for me. Works well all over the place.

I probably run it a little heavier because of my gigantic light on the front of my bike.

Scott's recommends 8 out to start. Keep in mind more clicks out increases hi speed damp while less does the opposite. I experimented with 16 and found that during quick steering the hi speed would kick in which was annoying. With 8 out the hi speed only kicks in when it's supposed to during hi speed hits. The high speed valve has less effect as you turn the base valve setting stiffer. Conversely, it has more effect as you turn the base valve softer.

8 -12 clicks out for sand and high speed trails, 16-20 for slow speed stuff.

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