Suzuki/Kawasaki Alliance

I'm thinking about buying a 2006 RM125, but I was wondering when did the Suzuki/Kawasaki alliance end? Is the 2006 really just a Kawasaki with yellow plastics or is it a true Suzuki?


I think that was only the 4 stroke 250's in 2004 if I am not mistaken

Some of the mini bikes and the 04-05 250f's fall under the Suzuki/Kawasaki allience. The RM125 has always been 100% Suzuki.

Great, thanks guys.

i have a 2005 KLX 400R [ DRZ ]

they were only merged in 03 and 04, and the big two strokes (125/250) were not the same bikes. The 250f's were the same, the dual sport 400's and the quads.

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