wheel slip

(06 YZ450) I have had problems with the rear tire slipping on the rim, sometimes to the point of ripping out the valve stem. I have the stock rim and also an aftermarket wheel and it occurs on both.

So that makes me think its something I am doing wrong when changing tires. But its the same process I have been doing when the wheel was new and it didn't happen then. I have used new rim locks (aftermarket alloy), verified that the tube is not bunched up somehow, verified correct tire inflation, tried different torques on the wheel lock, different tires and still it happens with increasing regularity.

I did a search and this seemed to happen a lot on some xr hondas when not using the stock rim lock but there is not much (that I can find) on the Yamaha side. I guess I will go back to the stock rim lock and see if it still happens. Anyone else had issues with this and how to fix? I do NOT want to go to two rim locks :thumbsup: PITA that would be to change a tire

If the tire moves on the rim after it is fully tightened, then either the rimlock is bent or (probably) the wrong size. But a 450 in the dirt, esp. if you run low pressure in the tire, needs two locks.

Quite often it is not the tire actually spinning, but rather the tube "walking" inside the tire. This happens if hte tube sticks to the inside of the tire and as the tire flexes it will walk the tube around to the point where it will actually rip the vvalves stem off and give you a flat.

To see if it yout tire actually spinning, put a mark on the tire with a tire crayon at the rimlock (or some other known location). Go ride and see if the mark moves in comparison to the rim. If it does then maybe you can try a new rim lock, or take a hack saw and cut little shallow groves around the rim to give it more bike on the tire.

If the tire is not spinning and the tube is walking, get a new tube and cover it with babby powder before you put it in. Make sure the tire is clean and put a little babby powder indise that as well. This will allow the tube to slip in the tire. Als, if you are using a nut on the valve stem, do not tighten it to the rim. Spin it on the stem just far enough to get the cap on. This allows the stem to shift a little withouth tearing it off.

Ahh, never thought about this "tube walking" you speak of. I thought about roughing up the rim where the tire bead sits cause it seems that it is very smooth now. As I said it seems to have gotten worse over the life of the rim. I will do the mark on the tire to see which of these is the culprits. I forgot to mention, I do leave the nut loose on the valve stem for the reason mentioned and I also put baby powder on the tube so don't know if that eliminates the tube walking or not but we will see. Thanks for the advice.

WOw I had the exact same thing happen to me yesterday never had it happen before.

Two laps flat tire, went back to put some air in it and the freakin valve stem was spinning.. Weird. After further inspection Valve stem was ripped clear out..

Well, as KJ said, the tubes crawl more at low pressures, and zero is as low as I've ever seen anyone run. :thumbsup:

Well, as KJ said, the tubes crawl more at low pressures, and zero is as low as I've ever seen anyone run. :thumbsup:

Hey I did not mean to run zero air pressure:cry:

So is the torn up tube/valve stem from me not noticing a flat tire soon enough

or did I do something wrong last time a changed the tire?

It's from the flat, no doubt.

ok, went out today at the track and the rim spun like three inches on the tire and still did not go flat (got lucky and I preloaded the stem so it was the opposite way). Took the tire off and in this case it turned out to be the rim lock. It was U shaped so it wasn't pressing on the tire. Now what would cause it to be U shaped? Would over torquing it cause this or landing on it just right..? So I have the other rim on there now so I will see if this one slips..:thumbsup:

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