Got any pics of a Two Brothers M7 on a DR650?

Anyone have some pictures of a Two Brothers M7 slipon mounted on a DR650?

Looking for a good side and rear shot of what it looks like.

I ordered one today and can't wait to see what it looks like on the bike.The picture provided on the web site just does not show enough.

Gota a heck of a deal($279.00) from the local dealer so I jumped at it.

Ordered the P1 tip as well.

Ive already got the DynoJet kit installed in my new 07,so Im ready to roll when it comes in.


I hope you like loud pipes!!!

:thumbsup: huh...what...speak up I cant hear you.

:rant: yup I sure do,well within reason anyway :ride:

I just hope it aint loud enough to set off car alarms when I pass by.If so I will just have to install the Q3 tip and get it down to 96db.

Cant be no louder than the KLX650R with the old style reverse meg Pro Ciruit can.I can tolerate it.

I've got one installed on my big DR. I'll pull it out of the garage in the morning and shoot some pics of it. I haven't posted pics on the TT site before so I may end up having to email you some pics. Mine is a blue '06 with the 2 Bros. mid-pipe and M7 V.A.L.E. exhaust system. I also have the P1 insert, but I haven't ridden it with the new exhaust yet because I haven't picked up a jet kit yet. I haven't been able to compare the difference with and without the insert other than a static test. Without the insert it's not quite as loud as my Polaris Predator 500 with a White Brothers Carbon Pro canister and Rath racing header. You can hear that thing from over a half-a-mile away when it is WFO!!! When you get yours and start to install it, don't tighten anything up until you have everything in place. That includes the header pipe. If you haven't already, now is a good time to remove the header pipe and grind down the inside weld there at the flange.

Thanks for the info bro.If you can get pics of the exhaust I'd love to see them.

Did you have any problems with fit while installing the TB-M7?

Ive read here that there has been problems with the S-pipe mounting in the past.

I mentioned this to the tech at the shop and he said he has not seen this for sometime.He said there were some issues with the S-pipe when they first came out but believes that has been long since corrected.He highly recommended the TB-M7 for my DR due to the quality and tunability.

My DR is a 07 and also blue.Ive installed the jet kit,IMS tank and Moose bark busters w/deflectors,skid plate and Maxxis 6006 tires so far.Next is the suspension.

When I get done I'll post some pics as well.

Look in the Two-brothers site, I hope you like the loud

Here's a few for ya



Here's a few for ya



That looks like a Dunlop D606 on the rear what are you running on the front? How is that aggresive tire on the road? :eek:

That looks like a Dunlop D606 on the rear what are you running on the front? How is that aggresive tire on the road? :p

The rear is indeed a D606 and as for the front I'm running a Dunlop K490 that was given to me by a friend of mine. As for road traction, I couldn't be happier. Considering the tires that these replaced were a Michelin Anakee up front and a Sirac out back (courtesy of the previous owner), i figured the knobbies would have me all over the place, but aside from a little more road noise i have notice no ill side effects of running this combo on the street. Now off road you can only imagine the difference.:eek:

Thanks for the pictures.Good looking scooter.

I got my TB pipe on last week and could not be any happier.Looks great and has a nice deep thump exhaust tone.Sounds more like a 650 now.

Just curious what jetting did you end up with using the TB M7?

Im running the DJ kit as recommended with the fuel screw at 2 1/4 out.

HUGE difference in the overall performance of the DR.The TB M7 slip on and jet kit is the best $375.00 Ive spent to date.

Also where did you get the rear brake master cylinder guard?

Man I need one of those.

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