YZ tank/seat mod ?

Ready for my next mod. Going with YZ tank /seat setup. Would like anyone whos done it there opinion. Positive, Negatives. Clark,IMS,Yamahas??

Tried my new Scotts Dampner yesterday and all I can say is it feel like I'm cheating.

depending on type of riding you do a stock yz tank might not hold enough gas.ive owned a wr,yz,ims and ty davis tanks.if you want to know negatives of each the [ims]a little to fat still makes getting weight forward difficult,it only uses tank mount bracket on left side with 1 bolt holding tank on its not very secure.[yz stock]just to small if your going to be trail riding,[ty davis]has petcock on both sides of tank and right side petcock is very close to exhaust making difficult to route gas line. after riding bike with 4 tanks i settled on ty davis.its the narrowest tank of the 3.4gl tanks you can bolt dry break on with no modification. ive heard alot of good things about [clark tanks]

Having owned both IMS and Clarke I don't think you

will have a problem with either. Ihave the 3.3 IMS

and Clarke 2.1 YZ replica.

Quality of both is excellant. The right side petcock mount on the IMS is a bit of pain with fuel hose routing and backward fuel flow lever.

The best advice I can give you is, figure out what your MPG is for an average ride. The YZ tank is so much better that once you try it you never go back :)

if you go with the jetting figures below your MPG will be so good you won't need the 3.3 tank.

i ran a clarke 3.3 and loved it.

but i was able to do 3 hour straight H & H!!! i was so F***** i had to be lifted off the bike. wish i'd stopped for fuel :):D

do the jetting and stick to the 2.1 tank. if you do the jetting the bottom end is so crisp that you'll be happy with 14/48 gearing even in the biggest bog.


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