anyone know where i can get a baja x250??

Hey ive been looking but I cant seem to find where or who is selling baja x250 bikes. anyone know where / who I can buy one off brand new from store not used. Also whats the price tag?

Pep Boys used to carry them.

looks like baha is the same thing i sell, my boy has one he loves it no problems , mine are mx 250 Preditor , probly not identical in color ratio , but the same in style. not trying to get you to buy this brand name , best of luck


GI Joes sports and auto stores have them.I saw a row of them last weekend,$1399 i think,might have been $1199.

The Pep Boys Baja X250 is made by X-Motos in China. They are sold here by under a few different names but they're all essentially the same, just different graphics. I bought a Viva VX250PR from Nitro Motorsports:

They worked with me on the price and I got it for considerably less than the web price, and I was able to pick it up.

Another source is NST:

They have a huge warehouse and they supply alot of the dealers in the U.S.

Another is Orion Pit Bike Sales: http://www.**********************/opbs31-250.htm.

I don't know which Ontario you're in, California or Canada, but here's another source in Calif:

If you're in Ontario, Canada here's a well known source in BC:

As you can see, I did my homework before buying mine. I really like this bike and it's perfect for my daughter. I did some mods and changed most of the cheap bolts & nuts on the bike to high grade American stuff before she even took it out the first time. I also eliminated the key switch and installed better bars and Kawasaki start and kill switches. Here's the post on my air filter mod:

Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

heres some advice, dont buy a baja. i have one and it broke the first time i ramped it. they are junk and break alot. if you are still interested, go to pepboys. they sell them in indiana for around $1100

i have a baja, it is seized, they didnt loctite anything but the important stuff, and it is also stuck in gear, after 3 months of riding, maybe 3 or 4 gas tanks (the tank was .75 gallon i believe..)

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