Instrument Lights Inop


Back in December I picked up a used '06 TE250. Unfortunately, there was a lot of little electrical issues I've had to fix -- Intermittent e-start problems (clutch lockout had backed out of the lever housing), Brake light always on (front switch needed to be shimmed), low beam out (loose contact).

The one I am now working on is a bit more complex: while the LCD works on the instrument panel, none of the indicator lights work: neutral, turn signals, high beam, or backlighting on the panel. It seems this would be a problem with a master power wire going to the panel, or perhaps a ground wire. But...wouldn't this also prevent the LCD from displaying correctly?

Anyone had similar issues and can advise on where to look first?



With the the schematic in the Owner's Manual, a magnifying glass, and an Italian-English dictionary I created the below matrix documenting the wires coming into an '06 TE Computer:


Unfortunately, all feeds were working as expected, meaning that my indicator light issue is internal to the stock computer.

Given that the LCD works, I guess I'll live without the indicator lights for a while. My other choices are a new stock unit (expensive) or rewiring for a Trailtech Vapor/Dash.

Anyone know the cost of a stock computer? A Vapor and the accompanying dash will be about $160.


Anyone know the cost of a stock computer? A Vapor and the accompanying dash will be about $160.


Welcome to TT. You seem to know how to use vBulletin and computers well. :thumbsup:

Seriously doubt a new stock unit would work better than after market. Also doubt a replacement unit is less than $160. If it were me - I would try to meet fellow Husky riders to compare operation and inputs to the stock unit first.

A long long time ago someone posted up how to open up the stock unit & re-seat everything which fixed his issues.

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