Upgraged the riders lounge

Pick it up next friday,wanted one for along time :thumbsup:



Now if it would just stop snowning :ride:

Nice! I like the color.

nice. what motor?

Thanks, 5.4L v8

awesome, were going to be in the market also,,,

whats the GCVW and GVW (towing capacity)

Its rated to tow 3500 lbs. Should do fine with my 7x14,fully loaded with four bikes & gear its 2600:thumbsup:

I need 5000/500 for the boat and it seems to be hit or miss with the manufacturers. I may just install a 5000/500 hitch and be done with it, they sell the hitches for that exact chassis, even for the front.

let us know how everything goes and how you like it once you get some time into it

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