China Hat rede report 4/19

Well, my buddy and I were on the way to 4-corners today and at the last minute decided to go the extra 20 minutes to China Hat. I'm glad we did. I have heard so much doom and gloom about the conditions I thought we were crazy to try. Conditions on the North side were mostly snow free and dusty. You can easily put in a good day of riding. I'm sure that further south the trails are in worse shape. I'm sure the Lobos can put together a good course for the spring race, assuming that it doesn't snow this week. 2510 and camp 2 were clear and dusty.


Thanks for the report.


Were is china hat located? Thanks

^^^In your neck of the PNW woods.... I beleive it's in Oregon.

Were is china hat located? Thanks

East of the highway about half way between Bend and Sunriver.

Technically, I've ridden out of East Fort Rock OHV a couple times... killer riding.

But, I believe they all share boundries... EFR, China Hat, and Millican Valley.

:thumbsup: .

Good to hear. I hope it stays nice for the race :ride:. :thumbsup:

Something interesting the course is still set up from the fall classic. ? And of

course it's still wooped out. Trail 25 is hammered.

The Northern end is dusty already? The way the FS report reads many of the trails are still under water or snow!

I thought there were going to be 90 miles or so of trail for the ISDE. Do you think it is possible to get two different 45 mile loops out of just the North end of EFR? If I remember correctly 2 years ago they had a course that ran all the way South near the Viewpoint (trail 90?). But, from what I have been reading, the southern end is still snowed in.

Glad you got some riding in over there, I am looking forward to heading out that way myself.

thanks yoda, can't wait for memorial weekend

nice memorial weekend should be good, maybe the gods will shine on us like last year and it will rain every 2 hours for 15 mins to keep the dust down.:thumbsup:

The trail markers you see over there are for this years ISDE. Lobos did setup last weekend.This years course should be great.

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