St.joe Ohv State Park Conditions

Has any one been to St.Joe St Park this week end? All the parks are closed up here in IA, and we are looking to ride. We are thinking about coming down to St Joe if it is not under water like everything up here is . any park conditions and lodging would be appreciated. 2 guys with new 2003 left over WR's, 1 guy with a new to him 2003 ktm 400, his dad 57 years old with a 2003DRz400 (newest bike to him ,19 years newer than his previos dirtbike), and me ,with a2000 DRZ 440 big bore ,with Hot Cams(ex and In)(thanks Eddy), and it has been such a f%^&ked up winter and spring ,that none of us has had a chance to ride any of them, So we are thinking about doing a weekend trip south. We don't want to drive down to find a muddy mess ,and we are trail riders not sand flat riders , any info will be greatly appreciated.

My daughter is going to school in St. Joe, and they were getting dumped on also, when we were getting drenched in south west Iowa. Don't know if that is any help or not.

I think he means St Joes State park in the Farmington Missouri area.

plenty of sand there it should be fine

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