xr400 1996 Carburetor question

Hello everyone I"m new in the forum and new with XR . My question is my bike is a XR400 96. I got it a month ago and todat was the first day at the trail. I noticed that while in idle a lot of fuel keeps running from the relief hose from the carburetor to the ground . I"m new in this I"ll appreciate any help.

Sounds like you have a bit of something stuck in the float valve. Give the carburetor a good cleaning and it should solve the problem.

Thanks a lot.

At the bottom of the carburetor there's a screw that once tight all the way in stop the fuel to "drain" from the drain hose. I suppose the float chamber must be full of gas and that screw closed all the way? I allready clean the carburetor and got a lot of dirt out of it. This may sound like a not very smart question , but I'm new on this . Thanks for any comment

If you got a lot of dirt out of the carb the first time I would suggest also cleaning your fuel tank, petcock screen and carb again.

I did clean fuel tank, petcock and screen. I decided to order a new screen because mine doesn't look good. Any comments about the screw that I mentioned on the drain hose

All the screw does is drain the float bowl, maybe you just left it turned out when you took the carb apart?

I would pull the carb again and give it another cleaning. Pay special attention to the float valve and seat. Use compressed air to blow everything out really well. Look at the holes on the side of the pilot jet, they are easily overlooked. check the float level as you put it back together too.

Thanks a lot Pacree , I just clean everything and blow everything and put it together . It started at the second kick, Thanks a lot.

Sounds good, glad your up and out riding :thumbsup:

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