Pig cousins

Went out riding today built L, and uncorked R. L has cam,rod,10.5-1 piston,valves,intake, Big Gun full Evo X "tuned" ,14 45 gearing. R is uncorked 14 45 gearing. L 270LB rider, R 175lb rider. We are close, but even with the same weighted rider, I think the R will still win. The pumper carbs coming. If I still can't beat that damn R, I'm gonna have to build an R to beat my buddy. We have a new KTM 525 guy riding with us from now on, and that bike is pretty quick. I already see the KTM beating us up in the tracks, and tight woods being lighter and smaller:bonk:I know the KTM will be seeing RED on the high speed mountain roads though!!!


That is the biggest gas tank I have ever seen. :thumbsup: But cool bikes.

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